Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just wanted to take a moment to say...

So this week has been an interesting one to me. On Monday I faced the dilemma of the fact that I was out of bread and I did not feel like going to the store to get some. It had snowed that morning, and I really didn't feel like taking the risk of driving in the first snow of the season (stupid drivers!).

So I decided to make some. I'm rather proud of my bread, in spite of the fact that I got a little impatient in the rising process and baked it a tad early so it was a wee bit dense. Still delicious, but not as fluffy as it should have been.

I've also spent the last couple of days sewing a pair of pjs for Erin for Christmas. And today I made pizza for dinner. I made the crust and everything. (I had everything except pepperoni, so in reality this dinner cost me $1.25. YAY!)

All this has gotten me to think a lot about my mom. Earlier today I was trying to sew the feet on the footie jammies and frustrated beyond all reason, and Erin decided she wanted to play (what is it about a pincushion that is irresistible to a toddler??). I started wondering how my mother found time to sew us all those things she made us for Christmas as kids, without us knowing about it. (of course, that's where the joys of public schooling come in)

So then I just started wondering how my mom did it. Some days I'm at my wits end with just one on earth did she function at all with SEVEN? I'm sure her answer would be "I just did what I had to do and tried not to go crazy while doing it."

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks Mom. Thanks for everything you were always doing for us. Thanks for staying home with us as long as you did. Thanks for the childhood memories of homemade bread and pizza and other such good foods, as well as home made everything else. I may not have appreciated it enough then, but I really cherish those memories now.

Thank you for giving me the example of the mom I want to be.


quilting queen said...

You're right Brittanie, you do what you have to. You're making me cry, but thank you and you're welcome. I just wish I were more a part of my grandkids' lives.

Dragonfly Girl said...

I would like to say thanks to your mom too for the tiniest bit of time I had with you guys your mom always made the best food and I always always felt welcome thanks to your whole family.. I will alway remember and crave those wonderful burritos and miss the way your fam plays Skip Bo nobody else appreciates the extra card under your stack if you pick up too many rule. way to make your own bread and pajamas I would have allready been bald from pulling my hair out!!!

Adi said...

You know, that whole post is exactly what I've been thinking since i graduated High School!! THANKS MOM!