Monday, December 22, 2008

Erin's Christmas dress

So, my mom recently asked me to get a picture of Erin in her Christmas dress to replace the pictures we had done last year. Well.........we tried. We really did. But my sweet little Erin was anything but cooperative.

Here's a few though. We might have to dress her up and try it again.


sweetpea#1 said...

It is amazing how big she is getting! And she is going to be a big sister soon and everything! She looks adorable even in her uncooperative photo shoot he he. Just wait until there are more than one to try and get pictures of, it is a journey to put it lightly.

HRHSpence said...

What a sweeie!

Aubri said...

I like the last one best... It looks like she's running away from you with an impish grin on her cute little face.