Sunday, June 27, 2010

the zoo again

 We went to the zoo on Friday with Danica and her kids.  It's getting to the point where I have to get creative about my picture taking since we've been so many times.  But what can I say? We LOVE the zoo!

Erin and her sunglasses
Patrick's hair after I sunscreened his head
The four looking at the maned wolf.  Patrick's in that difficult age where he WANTS to get out and walk, but doesn't follow anyone or even really walk holding hands.
Erin looking at the Siberian tiger
The kids in the reptile area, looking at snakes and lizards
The capybarra.  This things was HUGE.  It was about the size Princess (our black lab) was.  She was small for a black lab, but this this is HUGE for a rodent!
They're building a new habitat for the asian elephants, and as part of the fundraising they're doing for it they're selling paintings done by the elephants themselves.  If I had several hundred dollars to spare, I would buy one.
In the wagon, right before we left.

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