Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Erin's birthday adventures.

Yesterday, we rode the train downtown to have lunch with Daddy.  Erin loves trains and is continually talking about them.
We walked down 16th street.
We asked her what she wanted for lunch, and she asked for hotdogs.  So off to Biker Jim's Gourmet Hotdogs stand we went.  It was fun to get lunch at a sidewalk hotdog stand.  It made me feel like a Big City person.  lol  Biker Jim's dogs truly were gourmet.  They had lots of different kinds.  I had the Alaskan Reindeer (good, but not really like anything else I've had), Matt had the wild boar bratwurst, and Erin and Patrick shared a kosher all-beef hotdog.
Afterwards we went to get some fat-free frozen yogurt.  I've never been a fan of frozen yogurt, but Matt told me I HAD to try this place.  It's called Kuulture, and it's only location is here in Denver (though they're looking to franchise).  And it was GOOD.
By the time we got home, both babies were sleeping
When dad got home we decided to go swimming, since it was hot and Erin loves swimming.
Erin's got a little vest that's supposed to help teach her how to float
And Patrick's got a penguin floaty.  I couldn't help myself.  I thought Aunt Adi would appreciate it.
When we came back, they watched a movie while I cooked dinner and decorated the cake
Erin wanted to open presents first

And then she was SO EXCITED about blowing out the candles
It was very yummy

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