Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park

We spent yesterday at Rocky Mountain National Park.  It wasn't as spectacular or Yellowstone or the Tetons, but it was still really fun and pretty.

We stopped at Super Target on the way out to get some jelly (I had forgotten to buy it earlier) and got some bagels.  Patrick loved it.
On the way out, pretty purple little wildflowers
The little town of Estes Park, the RMNP analog to Jackson
Totally wanted to stop for some of those Homemade ice cream fudge candies.  There were 2 other shops directly across the street
Jesus on the hillside...
Interesting scenery
Finally, the park entrance!  Felt like everyone else in Colorado had the same idea we did!
Sheep grazing alongside Sheep Lake.  Sorry about the bad pic
Fingerling mountains
LOVE this shade of green!
Stopped at the Moraine Park visitor's center.  Erin got to be and earthquake and they both petted a beaver.
That ridge is the moraine.  A moraine is the pile of rubble left behind in the wake of a moving glacier
Pretty little river
Stopped at Sprague Lake for lunch.  Patrick was asleep when we arrived, so I just laid him on the table.
I was then mortified to realize I had grabbed the tartar sauce instead of the mayo.
Patrick woke up and had to have something to eat too.
And then we did a little exploring
We decided to take the 1/2 mile walk around Sprague Lake
this is my favorite of me
And my favorite of Patrick
Looking for fish in the water
We think they were rainbow trout
Mountains and sky on the way to Bear Lake (TOTALLY confused me...this is not the Bear Lake on the Utah-Idaho Border.  This is another one)
Bear Lake...both kids trying to get away from me
Still mostly frozen over, but it wasn't that cold
Stopped for a horseback tour.  I'd love to take one of these!
More mountains on the way out
ELK!  I finally felt like I was in a national park!  Too much time in Yellowstone...lol


Janice said...

HOW FUN!!!! Tartar sauce is good too. lol

Anonymous said...

You go babywearer!!! Such cute pics, and I love you... and I miss your guts.

sweetpea#1 said...

this made me (the most un-nature-loving-person-ever) want to go outside LOL. You all looked like you had a great time and your kids just keep getting cuter.