Thursday, June 3, 2010

Patrick's vocabulary

My little guy has suddenly started talking more and more lately.

He says "Mom" and "Dada" and "up" all the time.  He says "yay" a lot too, usually accompanied by clapping his hands.  He occasionally says "hi," too.

Monday was a breakthough day for him.  I've been asking him to say "please" lately, and on Monday when I asked him to, every time he answered "tssssssss."  On Tuesday and on Wednesday he brought me his bottle or cup, handed them to me and said "tsssss" without me prompting him.  So...I accept that.

Also on Monday, I realized he counts.  I was carrying Patrick on my left hip, and Erin had my right hand and Matt by the hand.  We were counting to 3 and swinging her up.  After we were done, Patrick started saying "Oooooo-uh, doooo, DEEE!"  He's done it several times since then, and will sometimes continue when you start with one.

It's amazing how much faster he's getting this!

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Jocelyn said...

so cute My brocky has no desire to say the word please {or thank you} he just signs them. ah well gotta love signing!