Thursday, June 24, 2010

Arizona, and trip home

There were lots of pictures from other people in the group on my laptop that I wanted to share, but the laptop wireless is no longer working, so I'll just do ours

Just after arriving at the cabin.  Starting at the top, going clockwise, Audrei, Tyler, me, Telima holding Brooke, Katelyn, and Jared.  Matt took the pictures, and the other kids were around playing somewhere.  Marc and Ingrid hadn't arrived yet.
At the Grand Canyon visitor's center.  Erin and Katy love each other (Katelyn took this pic)
First view of the rim.  It's a really big hole in the ground.
These two girls were from Hamburg.  They were going to the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Small world, huh?  Matt talked to them (in German) for a while.  He's always looking for a chance to use his German.
Family picture to prove we were all here.
We left and on our own went to go visit the ruins nearby.  This is a kiva (ceremonial room)
Pretty cactus flower
Another view of the canyon.  It was SO WINDY
This is the Watchtower, built in the 1930s to provide the widest view of the canyon, but still "blend in" to the surroundings.
Great view from the tower
And one of our stops on the way home

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