Friday, December 11, 2009


So, it's been bitterly cold all week (single digits with negative wind chills) so I haven't taken the babies outside (especially since they've been sick). But it was a balmy 34 today (the guy on the radio called it a heat wave), so we went on a walk and I let Patrick play in the snow for the first time.
All bundled up to walk down to the playground area (yes, Erin has ketchup on her face.  I didn't get it all off.  She wouldn't let me.)

When we got down to the playground I spread out a blanket to let him sit on so he could see the snow.  Unfortunately he was really tired and cranky because he'd skipped his morning nap.  So he didn't take to it too well.

 Erin was more than excited to get to play with the snow though.

Since Patrick was so tired, he was sitting in the stroller just crying (because I was taking pics of Erin instead of holding him).  So I decided it was time to go, and of course Erin didn't want to so that was cause for a total meltdown. I pretty much had to drag her halfway back to the apartment because she kept laying down on the wet concrete.  When I finally got her to walk again she pretty much just cried all the way home.

And when I got home, Patrick was asleep.

I'm sad that Patrick wasn't more interested in the snow, but I'm sure there'll be plenty more before the winter's over!


Adi said...

That first picture after you said you laid down a blanket looks SO much like erin, lol! I wish we had had enough snow for Marcus to play like Erin did.

Did you notice Marcus and patrick have the same hat just different colors?? :)

Adi said...

I didnt' realize i didn't post this one on my blog

quilting queen said...

I absolutely love Patrick's hat.LOLOLOL!!!!!