Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our daily walk

Okay, so it's not really daily, but it was 50 degrees today and so we HAD to go out.
Bunny got to be keeper of the Christmas cards.  Erin was so excited to be outside!

 When we stopped at the playground the first thing that Erin did was head for the ladder. I know that Marcus has been doing it for a while and probably does it a lot faster than Erin, but she's the type that likes to KNOW she can do something before she tries.  lol.  She's also very careful about where she puts her feet.

 And then Patrick looked like he wanted to try

And Erin found a ball up at the top, and brought it down (in the second pic she's talking about the airplane)

Isn't he just adorable??

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Adi said...

that's a WEIRD ladder! We've got one kinda like it [well... had... grumble] but not that bulky. that one looks kinda scary actually. The kinds that aren't straight up like a normal ladder take Marcus longer so she's actually not that much slower than him. She's doing so well! I love p-man trying to do it, LOL! What a goof