Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas pictures

Remember this post of pictures I did of Erin for her first Christmas?  I decided I needed to do some of Patrick.  And then I needed to get one of the two of them for Christmas cards.  Adrienne's offered to fix up the ones of the two of them (since my favorite is a little blurry). 

((note, you're only going to get a card if I'm not actually going to see you this Christmas.  I can't afford the postage for a million cards!))


HRHSpence said...

oh such cute kids! I can't wait to hold them in my arms!

Adi said...

this new bg is CUUUUUTE!

quilting queen said...

Those kids are so cute! Good pics too. It's alright if I don't get a card, I'll just print up some pics; or Adrienne can make a scrap page for me; or I can. LOL!