Sunday, December 13, 2009


So yesterday was our ward party, and of course we forgot our camera.  Luckily for me, one of the ladies at church took pictures with hers and then sent everyone a link with the pictures to download, so YAY! 

Erin has been so much fun now that she sort of understands what's going on.  There were some decorated cakes for dessert, and she kept saying "Yay! Burfday cake!"  I just laughed.  So then I asked her whose birthday it was and she just shrugged and asked "who burfday?"  So while I'm totally not the "birthday cake for Jesus" type of person I had to answer "Well, it's Jesus's birthday."  She got really excited and kept going on and on about Jesus's birthday cake.  Only when she says Jesus it sounds like "cheezeits."

So then Santa arrived and she got all excited.  We were standing in line to sit on his lap and she kept say "Yay! Iss 'Anta!"  Until it was her turn.  Then she got all shy and didn't want to sit on his lap.

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quilting queen said...

Oh I absolutely love it! Cheeseits birthday LOLOLOL!!!! LOve the sitting on Santa's lap pics. Can't wait to see you guys. I want to make gingerbread men with Abby and Erin when you come. Abby is obsessed with gingerbread men. It will be so fun to have those two make cookies.