Wednesday, December 16, 2009

bunny diapers and gingerbread cookies

The other day Erin told me "Munny tinky!" (she used to say bunny right, now she doesn't, go figure)  Anyway, she grabbed a diaper and started trying to put it on her bunny.

Then she wrapped him in one of Patrick's blankets.

And then I made gingerbread cookies and gave one to Patrick (Erin doesn't like them), and he loved it!

I loved this, it's like he was posing for the shot

And today I got video of Patrick "dancing."  He only occasionally dances and usually better than this.


quilting queen said...

What cuties. Three more days til I get to see them live. LOL

Adi said...

How did I miss this?? He looks so cute in those pants! Is that onesie one I sent you? Awwww, I miss them! I want to meet P-man! :(