Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We have internet!! YAY!

So, the other day Mom told me that I don't take enough pictures of Erin. So I'm going to post a bunch. lol.

Erin's morning hair

Out on the patio with her vacuum. She asks "Dow-digh?" to go outside.

So then we decided to go to the playground
And she started throwing rocks

Looking through the porthole

And she really liked the slide

And playing with more rocks

I'm working on uploading a couple of videos...hopefully it'll work!

And here is Erin, talking about the geese that flew overhead a few minutes prior.

and Erin climbing up the slide


Nyssa said...

she is so cute!

HRHSpence said...

Nice pix! (I can't believe Nyssa beat me to the punch though. I was waiting for you to finish.)