Monday, January 26, 2009

5 weeks to go...

And the panicking starts... Okay, I know nothing is going to happen to this little guy. I really do. But this pregnancy is starting to mimic my pregnancy with Cora and it makes me just a tad nervous. Okay, more than a tad. Hopefully Matt will get the info from HR that I need today so I can take it in tomorrow and hopefully have an appointment early next week! Seeing a doctor will help SO MUCH.

Today is Matt's first day of work. I know he's been excited/nervous. Apparently nerves won out this morning because he said he was awake on and off from 3:30am, worried he'd oversleep. He even said he dreamed he woke up in a panic because he'd overslept! >_< Our friend Dave came and picked him up at 6:30am and they went together to the park-and-ride to catch the train to downtown Denver. Needless to say, he was up and ready with time to spare.

So, since I'm now all alone again, and I was awake since 5:30am (when Matt got up) and Erin has decided her new wake-up time is around 7/7:30 instead of 8/8:30, I got bored. I was showered and dressed by 9am. Erin took a shower with me because I let her eat her own yogurt for breakfast (she did rather well, considering!), and, well, that's how I knew she wouldn't get in trouble while I showered! So, since I was dressed and it wasn't lunch time yet, I decided we'd go run some errands. We needed to go pick up some sugar and eggs and cottage cheese (all for different things), and I thought we'd go to a couple other stores and "window shop." I went to JoAnn's to look for fabric and patterns for Easter dresses (I'm excited about not wearing maternity clothes anymore! I've had the same maternity wardrobe for 3 pregnancies. I think I'm going to DI all but my very favorites and get a whole new wardrobe next time.) And then I went to Babys R Us to see if they had any cute outfits for a coming home outfit for Patrick. Well, my favorites were all either preemie, or 3-6 month sized. What happened to the newborn or 0-3????

And then we went to Walmart and got the groceries. I got some M&Ms while I was there. When I got home, I put some in a little bowl for Erin just to eat on her own, you know, since I'm on a "let's let her do it herself" kick. lol.

And the weather has been crazy lately! Last week it was in the 70's. Right now, it's 15* and looks like this:

((and as one little addition, Erin just handed me a DVD from the shelf. I asked, "oh, do you want to watch that movie?" and she responded, "Yeah, da moomie." It's the first X-men movie if you were wondering. It's near the end of the shelf and right in reach.))


Nyssa said...

oh you look so cute pregnant! I can't wait to see what he looks like!

Mrs. Dexter said...

I don't think I've told you this, but I think Patrick is SUCH a cute name! I hope he has red hair! :)