Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nothing makes you feel more grown up than...

Dealing with the intricacies of insurance.

Our insurance starts on February 2. It will cover the end of my pregnancy and delivery and such. But I won't even be able to get a temporary card until that day.

Since I'm so far along, nobody will take me as a new patient until they see my proof of insurance. I can't even schedule an appointment for Feb. 2 and take in my card that day, because they want to look at my plan and see if it's "acceptable" before they have me as an appointment, to guarantee that they'll get paid, no matter what.

But even if I didn't have insurance, wouldn't I have to pay them? I don't get it. But I managed to talk to the office's insurance person and she and I have maybe worked something out, so that I can at least get in on Feb. 2 instead of waiting a week (she said, "well, yeah, you need to see a doctor!").

I'm just glad that Matt's starting next Monday so our insurance starts on Feb. 2. He was supposed to start on Feb. 2, and the insurance wouldn't start until the first Monday of the first full month after starting (so, March 2, my due date!)



Anonymous said...

Insurance = Lame...

Baking Bonster said...

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Bill (my hubby) starts his new job on Monday, February 2. That is just too weird, seeing as how your due date was my due date with Roald! lol. Small world.

But we are a little worried about insurance too, because we wouldn't have any until May and we are going to start TTC in mid-March.

But everything should work out for us. I hope everything works out for you guys! Our old insurance stunk, but our new plan with this new job is going to be excellent!