Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stupid internet!!

So, due to some sort of bureaucratic nonsense, we won't actually have internet until Monday the 19th. But we have some wonderful friends who are letting me borrow their internet for a bit, so here's some pictures of our new apartment. I didn't get a picture of the outside of our building...sorry.

View from the front door
The kitchen (the washer/dryer is behind the door). It's on the right from the front door.
Erin's bathroom (on the left from the front door)

Erin's room
The "dining" area. It'd be nice to have a real table. lol

The living room. We'll eventually have a couch....

Our bedroom. The last room to get organized...

Our closet

Our bathroom

And a picture of me


Nyssa said...

awww I wish I could see it in person! Hope you are having a great time in Denver!

HRHSpence said...

So, nice to see your new place and to see you're doing fine.

good luck to you!

suzanne said...

So what exactly are you guys doing in Denver? You never really said what Matt is doing for a job or who it is with.