Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election reflections.

This morning I am proud of America.

I don't really agree with President-elect Obama's politics, but last night I was struck in awe as I realized I was participating in such a hugely momentous election. It was spouted all over the news over and over and over, but that doesn't make it any less amazing. America has elected it's first African-American president. This is the first time in 216 years someone other than a white man has been elected. Yesterday, I was a part of history.

I have been fairly apathetic this go around. I wasn't really thrilled with either of my choices, and to be honest, in Idaho my vote didn't really matter. CNN called us for McCain with only 4% of precincts reporting. 80% of Madison county voted for him. But I voted, since I consider it a duty as much as a privilege (and to maintain my right to complain about the government if I so choose). But America spoke resoundingly against me, and I can accept that.

In the wake of the White House scandal and following impeachment of President Clinton, I told myself that I wanted a president that I could respect as a person and be inspired by. I'm not sure President Bush has done that. There were several days in the wake of 9/11, but since then, not really.

But I admit, I was inspired last night. Last night was such an example of the America I want to see. I was really impressed by Senator McCain's concession speech. I was impressed by his gracious acceptance of defeat. I very much wish that all Americans could be that way. It would be a much better place without sore-loser-y complaining.

And I admit, President-elect Obama's acceptance speech inspired me. He made me cry, actually (but come one, that is SO not hard to do. Even when I'm NOT pregnant). Maybe, just maybe, he can be a president I can respect as a person, though I don't agree with him. Maybe, he can be the inspiring person I've been waiting for. Maybe. Dare I hope that he can be what he says he'll be?

((Does anybody else find it spooky that last night he was compared to 3 men: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther Kind, Jr., and John F. Kennedy; all of whom have been assassinated?))

Either way I am proud of America today. I am proud to be an American. I'm proud that our country can see passed the wounds of a turbulent past. I proud to be a part of history.

And I'm going to end with a question I have had on my mind since Pres.-elect Obama's speech:
What kind of puppy are they going to get???

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