Friday, November 14, 2008

2 already??

Erin is 1 year, 5 months, and 1 week old.

She's not 2 yet. I promise. I would know.

But the last week she has been so completely defiant. It's driving me crazy. Her favorite pass time is to get into things she knows she shouldn't, and when I say no she gives me a "yeah, well what are you going to do about it?" look. SO AGGRIVATING!! She has also started hitting.

I don't know, maybe it's good she's doing this now. Maybe we'll be over the worst of it by the time baby brother gets here. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise.


On another note, I broke and started listening to Christmas music. Not all the time mind, but here and there. I have a holiday station on, and yesterday it played the most wonderful song.

I have this fascination with Joseph. I mean, I understand Mary. As much as everything she felt was BIGGER and MORE, I still know what it's like to be a mother. I know what it's like to be in awe of what Heavenly Father is sending you. I understand that mother's connection to the child she is carrying.

But he wasn't Joseph's child. Granted he was a man of God, and he willingly did what was asked of him. But Jesus wasn't his child. Now, there are two great examples close to me of men who love children who aren't biologically theirs as if they were their own, so I understand that it's possible.

But I think most of the time Joseph gets pushed out of the picture. That's unfair. My favorite picture I have for Christmas is a painting of Joseph holding Jesus. It reminds me that Jesus had to have an example of manhood and priesthood on earth, since His Father couldn't be there. What kind of man was Joseph? What did he feel about his role in the whole thing?

Which is why I love this song so much.

Joseph's Lullaby, by MercyMe

Go to sleep my Son
This manger for your bed
You have a long road before You
Rest Your little head

Can You feel the weight of Your glory?
Do You understand the price?
Does the Father guard Your heart for now
So You can sleep tonight?

Go to sleep my Son
Go and chase Your dreams
This world can wait for one more moment
Go and sleep in peace

I believe the glory of Heaven
Is lying in my arms tonight
Lord, I ask that He for just this moment
Simply be my child

Go to sleep my Son
Baby, close Your eyes
Soon enough You'll save the day
But for now, dear Child of mine
Oh my Jesus, Sleep tight


quilting queen said...

I've not heard that song. I really like Mercy Me so I'm going to google it right now and listen. I often wish I knew more about Joseph too. It's too bad more hasn't been said about him. I'm pretty sure I know who the examples are you mentioned and I think it's really cool that they could love a child that's not theirs so much.

quilting queen said...

ok, so I lied. I have heard the song and already liked it. I also found this cool video someone made to go with it;

Adi said...

I was on the phone with mom the other day and she was listening to Charlotte Church's Xmas cd! lol

Anonymous said...

So, so beautiful. I highly suggest checking out the YouTube video... so, SO pretty.