Thursday, July 24, 2008

One of those hard mommy moments

So, at Erin's 1 year checkup on June 9th, they gave me an order to take to the hospital lab to check for blood lead levels and cdc (not sure what the cdc is). Anyway, I haven't gotten around to it, but my friend Aubrey was taking her little Myla in today for the same thing, so I went with her.

I knew it was a blood test, but for some reason I didn't realize that it would be a real blood draw, from a vein in her arm. >_<

Unfortunately my poor little girl has my veins, so they couldn't get it on the first try. She was screaming so hard, and I just had to hold her still. She looked at me like I was betraying was so hard. I know it was a good thing to do, I mean, I really do want to know if she's getting exposed to lead. But I wish it could have been easier on her!

She got free ice cream from the hospital cafeteria after, and that made it better. She doesn't remember it. But I sure do.

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Anonymous said...

Oh ouch... I'm so sorry hon... :-( that's sucky.