Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kind of Lame 4th of July

So, unfortunately, pretty much all of our plans for Independence Day got canceled. Not only that but we didn't buy any of our own fireworks because a) we could light them in the bank parking lot, but Erin goes to bed before it gets dark and I wouldn't want to leave her up in our apartment sleeping while we were downstairs, AND I wouldn't want to wake her up just to put her down again AFTER fireworks, and b) we thought that since we live on main st. on the second floor we'd have a great view of the city fireworks. But the city set them off from a weird place and the tall building on the corner across the street blocked nearly all of them. ARGH!!!

So, we spent 20 mins at the parade at that was about it. Happy 4th of July.

Grinning at the horses:

Pointing at the horses:

The horses:

And really not wanting to be held anymore. I was a little toasted so we left right after this:

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