Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It only took 13 months!

So, I bought a baby gate today. I have been using Erin's stroller, folded up and on it's side, as a barrier in the hallway. It's been pretty effective up until the past couple of days. Erin has figured out that she can either push it over, or push the end enough to create a big enough gap between it and the wall to get through, and escapes down the hallway. I went to the bathroom today and she was upset that I had left without her I guess. Well, I hear her screaming/crying in frustration, so I opened the door enough to look out. Well, she had wedged herself through a too-small space between the stroller and the wall, and was stuck halfway through. After enough wiggling, of course, she got through and joined me in the bathroom. *sigh* So I decided we needed to have a baby gate.

I thought she'd be angry, but I put it further down the hallway (all the way to the end before it turns) so that she could have a little more space to play in. She has been ramming her walker into it and laughing and giggling. It's really cute. Now, if only I could get one for the kitchen. Unfortunately, they don't make cheap ones that will go further than 60 inches, and the kitchen archway is 63." The cheapest I could find was $56, with most of them being $70 or higher. I don't know if I want to buy one when I'm not sure I'll need one that big in the apt we're going to be moving into (somewhere) 6 months from now. I guess I'll have to talk to Matt about it.

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