Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If I had had twins...

I babysat my friend Aubrey's baby Myla today while Aubrey was in class. Myla is 25 days younger than Erin. They always have a blast together, but two babies means twice the trouble! They had a blast though.

Erin poking Myla

Myla just hanging out (she was leaning against my leg)

The best pic I could get of Erin's teeth

Erin mimicking me when I was "growling" (she was playing with a lion)

She has started "putting" things on her walker and walking around with them

I love this pic, no clue why

I fed the fish, which made them realize they were there

Playing at the gate, dancing to the music

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Amber Donaldson said...

Looks like it was a fun day! I Saw the barrier you made! I would have too!