Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just a little late....

I finally made Erin's birthday video montage! I had to upload it to youtube, since nowhere else would do it.



Mrs. Dexter said...

You say it takes being sick to have a child as cute as yours? Well then, here's my prayer... Lord, let me be sick every single day that I'm pregnant. Amen!
You're one lucky momma to have such a precious little girl. Loves!

Aubri said...

Hey wow! I took a few of those pictures! :-) And you totally have your sister's smile in the Easter picture... have I told you that yet? I can't spell her name... I used to couldn't spell your name either :-) I am perfectly capable of proper grammar however... can'tcha tell?

Anywho, your girlie is BOOOOtiful. I miss yo tons.