Saturday, May 22, 2010

A trip to the zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo, just the babies and I.  It was interesting to be able to just spend time with them doing something fun and unusual, without the distraction of someone else and their kids.  I do love having a friend to go to the zoo with, but this was a lot of fun too.  Unfortunately, I didn't clear off the memory card before we went like I had been thinking the night before, so we didn't get many pictures.
She liked the lions

A crested crane takes interest
Patrick liked the zebras
This peacock was VERY noisy.  He kept yelling at everyone.
Erin wanted to pet the geese.  I had to keep telling her they were mean.
To console her I let her take a picture.
And then we looked at the giraffes

Then we went up to look at the aquarium area that I'd never been to before, but it wasn't going to open for another hour, so we looked at the koi
And Erin made some friends
To get her to come back I had to let her take another picture
The bat-eared fox that I never realized was here
And she wanted to take another picture
And this was the only creature Erin could see in the red panda exhibit.  I could see him, but he was back in a dark corner curled up asleep, so I couldn't get a good picture.
Erin had to climb up on this rock, but she did something to her knee.  She didn't scrape it or anything, I can't see a bruise or anything, but she's still complaining her knee hurts.
So then Erin had to take another picture, and that's when the camera said there was no more room on the card.  *sigh*  There was supposed to be a baby okapi somewhere but we couldn't see him.
I really wish I'd cleared off the card, because we then went back to the aquarium/reptile area, and they had some really cool things, including a south american river fish that was about as big as me (seriously, the species is the biggest freshwater fish and can get up to 15ft long and up to 400lbs.  These weren't nearly that big, but they WERE about as big as me!)

Anyway, I'll have to make sure that we go see the fish again next time we go!

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