Saturday, May 15, 2010

I love that she loves books

Erin gets so excited about going to the library and she loves her library books.  I had to get another card, because I lost my former one, so it had been quite a while since we'd been.  But I got a new one while Adrienne was here, and we've been several times since.

Erin's definitely got her favorite books, and I agree with her.  I actually don't know if she likes them more because I'm more animated when I read them or not, but certain ones she pics up more.  Like "The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar," or "Hush, Little Dragon."  The latter one I love, for more than just the fact that it's a dragon one.  I picked it up because of the dragon reference, but I love the illustrations.  I think the ones with the best illustrations are the ones I love them most.
She has started reading to herself.

And Patrick is getting so good at using a spoon!
But that doesn't mean he's good at getting it all in his mouth!

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Janice said...

I love watching Erin read a book. She's so funny. Patrick IS getting good with a spoon. Such cuties