Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chinese food and bubbles

We went out to a chinese buffet place yesterday, and Erin and Patrick got to try some new food which was fun.
Erin had to try the chopsticks

And Matt was playing with the crab claw and she wanted to do that too.
And Patrick stole my wonton, and loved it.
Then today I broke out Erin's bubbles on the porch.  Yes, they're both naked.  I took their Sunday clothes off before dinner and just never got around to putting clothes back on them.  They've got another 40 minutes or so before I put them to bed, so I'll put pjs on them then.
Erin had to try to blow her own bubbles.


HRHSpence said...

I don't think they're quite nude. They seem to have diapers on.

Janice said...

bubbles are so fun. Erin does better with chop sticks than I do. lol