Friday, May 7, 2010

the park and the "garden"

So yesterday we took a trip to the library, and that meant that we had to go play at the park for a bit.
Right after that we went to visit the doctor because Erin's been complaining about her ears and they've both had runny noses (which I'm fairly certain is allergies and Dr. McKitterick agreed with me there).  They both have double ear infections.  That makes 6 ear infections for Erin in 14 months (always her right ear, but not always her left), and 3 (all double) for Patrick in 7 months.  We decided to see if the warmer summer months bring a break (though Erin did have one in the middle of the summer last year), and if not we'll definitely go see an ear, nose and throat specialist.  I actually went to the Sunflower Farmer's Market today to get some probiotic powder because they've both got diarrhea from the antibiotics, and talked to the lady in the herbal supplement/homeopathic remedies section (she worked there) who helped me out a bit.  I gave her my address so that she can send me a packet on homeopathic treatments for ear infections.  I'm quite interested, actually, so I hope I find it helpful.

Anyway, I also wanted to show off my "garden"  It's not much, being that we live on a second floor apartment, but I've discovered that green things make me happy.  Especially when they bring the possibility of yummy things to eat.

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Janice said...

NICE garden Britt. I'm jealous. Too bad about the ear infections. I hope they can get them cleared up quickly.