Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well, Patrick lost that race

Erin got her first tooth 16 days before her birthday.  Patrick is still toothless and his birthday is in (for all intents and purposes, since it's 10:22pm) 10 days.  He's been fairly cranky (for him anyway, I'm sure Adrienne would laugh at me) lately, and has 4 lumps on his bottom gum, so I wish he would just CUT one already!

Anyway, sorry about the blog silence, I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow.


adrienne said...

haha, you're funny. I bet your kids worst is my kid's norm, lol. why was I cursed with such fussy kids?

Janice said...

you were toothless til you were a year old too. In fact I think you were over a year old.He's just taking after you