Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's amazing how different my children are.  And the difference is usually more than gender.

Erin hates to be dirty.  If she gets food or drink on her clothes at all, she must change (although, I must admit, if it's not bad I try to distract her so she won't think about it and will leave that shirt on).  And she hates to be naked.  If I don't get her dressed quickly enough she'll demand "Cwoze on!"

Patrick, however, will dive head first into any mess (we'll see if this holds true with his birthday cake this weekend).  And as if having it on his face and hands isn't good enough, he'll spread it on his head too.  And he loves to be naked.  If I'm not ready with a clean diaper to go on immediately when changing him, he'll take off diaperless and giggle the whole time.

As an illustration:  Earlier today Patrick took off before I could get pants on him, so instead of chasing him down I let him go.
And Erin is sitting on the couch asking "Where Paquackses pants?"


HRHSpence said...

Happy birthday, Paquack!

Janice said...

Those two are soooo cute. I can't believe Paquack is one already