Thursday, February 4, 2010

A day in the life

(I'm going to be updating this throughout the day)

5am: Patrick's crying.  I go get him and bring him to bed with me, hoping he'll fall back to sleep.  He does.
5:30: Matt's alarm goes off.
5:31: after a little prodding, Matt gets up and hits snooze
5:39: alarm goes off again, Matt gets up and hits snooze
5:48: Matt gets up and gets in the shower.  Patrick wakes up when he turns on the light but after snuggling into my shoulder he's fast asleep again and surprisingly I'm not far behind.
somewhere around 6:30:  Erin gets up and Matt puts her in bed with me and Patrick, tucks her in, and tells her to sleep with mommy and baby.  He gives me a kiss and leaves for work.  Erin starts crying.
6:35ish: Erin's quiet.  Not sure she's asleep, but Patrick still is so I can close my eyes and pretend I am.
7ish: Erin starts poking Patrick saying "tickoh!"  He starts to stir and is soon kicking her and laughing as she tries to tickle him.  Such antics contine.
7:30: Erin is bouncing on the end of the bed calling "Geh-yup Mommy! Way-cup! Way-cup! Geh-yup Paquack! Cummon!"  Patrick is trying to climb over me off the bed.  "Okay fine!" I say and start trying to detangle myself from the bed covers.
7:34-7:38: change diapers.  Erin is talking about everything from bouncy balls to Cookie Monster.  I explain it's not time for Cookie Monster yet.  She asks for fruit snacks and cookies.  I say "How about breakfast?"  She yells "NO!" and starts running around the apartment.
7:43: I've turned up the heat a tad, wrapped myself in a blanket and started this post.  Erin is still running around yelling "eeeeeyoh-eeyoh-eeyoh!"  Patrick's sucking on and empty bottle and giggling.
7:58 post is done for now, am contemplating breakfast.
8am: walk into the kitchen.  I mix up some pancakes, using what's left of the mix.  It's a little more than I wanted to use, but I'll have prepared pancakes for the next couple days for Patrick. Erin won't eat pancakes.  I stick some water in the microwave to heat.  Erin sees the cookies in the pantry, and I tell her if she eats all her oatmeal she can have a cookie after breakfast.
8:18: babies are both eating, I'm sitting at the computer with a mug of hot chocolate catching up on facebook.  My mug was hand made by a friend in Rexburg.  I think it's probably perfect in every way (when I told him how much I liked it while having dinner at his place once, he gave it to me.)
8:27: Erin announces that she's done, and gets down from the table.  As Patrick is still eating, I let her play while continuing with my hot chocolate.
8:36: Patrick is done, and is banging on his high chair tray.  Before I can get up to get him, though, a very noticeably stinky Erin announces to me that she did a "bubble sneeze."  I wipe her nose and then change her diaper (wishing she'd cooperate with the whole potty training idea).  She then asks "Cwose on?" So I put yesterday's pants on her but tell her I need to get Patrick (who is calling MA! MA! MA! and emphasizing each syllable with a bang), and then we'll change her shirt.  As I'm getting Patrick down, Erin goes into her room and gets a shirt from her dresser.  I take of Patrick's pjs and check his diaper (all good there), change Erin's shirt, and then grab clothes for Patrick and dress him (with Erin's help).
8:47: The now-dressed babies are playing with blocks while I try to finish my not-so-hot chocolate.
8:57: Erin reminds me I told her she could have a cookie if she finished her oatmeal.  She didn't completely finish it, but she ate most of it, so I give her a cookie.
9:24: realized Erin had pulled my box of chalk from my Sunday School bag and had given it to Patrick.  Good thing the stuff is non toxic!  Erin has moved to her art table and is counting while coloring "nine, two, four, fife, siss, eight," over and over again.
9:34: Tried to catch a vid of Erin singing.  Even though she didn't see the camera, she stopped the moment the vid started recording! GAH!
9:35: Erin asks for Dinosaur Train.  How she knew it was time for Dinosaur Train I'll never know.
9:36: Oh my goodness! has the Phantom of the Opera online!! So watching it today!!
9: 53 refilled Patrick's bottle of milk and put him down for a nap in his crib.
10:04 Sesame Street is on, Erin is "peeping" with Elmo and Rosita trying to help a baby bird call its mom.  And I'm off to take a shower.
10:15ish  While singing bits of the Phantom of the Opera in the shower, I decide I need to get the complete Phantom, as I've only got Highlights from the Phantom and my favorite song isn't on Highlights.  Nor is it in the movie.
10:32: Emerge from my room fully dressed and carrying a load of laundry to be washed.
10:35: bring what needs folding out to the front room, but am avoiding actually folding it.
11:01 posted on my friends blog, thinking about folding laundry, and still avoiding it.
11:08: Erin's telling me she wants to go outside.  I do need to take a couple things down to the mailbox.  But Patrick is still sleeping.
11:17: started the Phantom of the Opera, only to realize it's not Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom.  So watching Mercy instead.  And folding laundry.
11:51 done with folding, then getting ready to change a diaper.
12:12 Patrick's still asleep. Makes me a little nervous when he does this.  Checked on him and he's okay. Time to make some lunch.
12:23 Erin's at the table with chicken nuggets and ketchup, and she asks for cheese.  I go slice some cheese and when I come back I realize that she's eating her ketchup with her breakfast spoon that didn't get put in the sink.  *rolls eyes*
12:41 Patrick's awake!  I missed him.
12:50  Erin's trying to tickle Patrick and it is SO CUTE!
1pm: Put Patrick in the high chair with another pancake and the cheese Erin didn't eat.
1:13 Erin asks for more juice, I get her some, and then finish putting away the folded clothes (after switching laundry over)
1:43 All the clean laundry that is not currently in the dryer is folded and put away.  Getting on shoes to go on a walk and take the mail down to the mailbox.
2:03 Finally getting out the door!
2:36 Get home and put Erin to bed.  Then started to un/loaded the dishwasher.
2:42 decided to put Patrick down for a nap too, not thinking he'd want to because of his late morning nap.
3:08 dishwasher loaded and started, laundry switched over, babies asleep.  Ahhhh, mom time.
4:45  Patrick wakes up and we slow dance in the front room for a couple songs.  I love my after-nap cuddle time with him when Erin's still asleep.
4:57 Erin wakes up.  First thing she does is give me a hug and I can't help but tell her how much I missed her.
5:03 Take the trash out.  It was getting too full to lock, and I MUST have it locked now that Patrick has figured out that the lid opens.
5:16 thinking about starting supper.  Matt's going to be home later than usual today, which is why I haven't started already.
5:31 Decided it's definitely time to start dinner.  Babies will be hungry enough already when dinner's ready.
6:10 Matt gets home and dinner's ready so we eat.
6:46 dinner's over, kids playing on the floor with Daddy.
6:55 Matt has to run to the scout roundtable meeting (he's some scout person in the ward).  Have to turn on Winnie the Pooh, Piglet's Big Movie for Erin because she's so upset Daddy's leaving.

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