Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm going to be updating today with the silly things that Erin says to me.

~"PWEEEZE Mom!"  "Please what?  What do you want?" "Munny mik."  "Bunny milk?  Bunny wants milk?" "NO.  Cockitt munny mik."  OH!  ((The nesquick chocolate milk mix package has a bunny on it))

~ (She brought her Christmas hippo out to me) "Mom, is habbo!  Is Mismis!!  Where pessants??"

~"Watch fwoggy moomie.  An' pwincess! An' ah-ee-gadow, an' fy-fwy.  You sing Mommy."  ((She's talking about The Princess and the Frog.  And yes, I sing along.  lol))

~ (I asked her what she wanted for lunch) "Kicken!  Kicken nuggets an' sauce! TWO sauce!"

~"Do see fish?  Paquack! See fish?  Commere!  I saw you!"

~"Pan-cake a pan-cake, yeah, yeah, a Paquack an' me! YUM!" (playing pat-a-cake with Patrick's feet and then eating the "cake" after, lol)

~ "Ah-ah-ah-chyoo! Byess you!  heeee hee! Funny sneeze!"  (pretend sneeze)


hrh said...

Nau dhaet iz kyoot!

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i love her.