Monday, February 22, 2010

french braids

I french braided Erin's hair for the first time today.  Her hair is SO thin!  It was actually fairly difficult, especially since she wouldn't sit still.  I really doubt it'll stay in for very long!

I also found a large patch of very flaky dry skin on her scalp.  Anybody know what I can do to help that?

In other news, Erin's sick.  She's been coughing for the past two days.  It now sounds like she's coughing stuff up instead of it just being a dry hacking cough, but she's telling me it hurts after every one.  It's so sad!  And Patrick is starting to cough a little too.  *sigh*  Hopefully they get over it quickly!


Janice said...

Erin's hair is so cute. Too bad it isn't more like yours. I'm sorry the kids are sick. Hopefully they will get over it soon. You might try Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp for her shampoo.

HRHSpence said...

she looks so angelic with the braids! (she might not be getting the soap all out of her hair when you rinse it.)

Amanda said...

Such pretty braids!! Can't wait until I can do something with Maddy's hair!