Monday, November 30, 2009

Patrick is sick.

So, Saturday evening Patrick woke up from his evening nap with a fever of 102.1.  I gave him some ibuprofin and it went down and I was hoping he could hold out until today when he had a wellcheck scheduled.

Sunday he and I stayed home from church and I battled his horribly runny nose.

So, then I took him to the doctor today.  Good news?  It's not the flu.  He had a fever of 101.6 at the time (I hadn't given him any meds since 5am so that they could get an accurate picture of what was going on), so she gave him some tylenol.

Long story short, the flu test was negative and she couldn't find an ear infection or anything in his throat, so it's probably just a virus.  He also apparently got some snot in his eye while rubbing his face because he's got an eye infection starting.  So now he has eyedrops.

He also lost 3 lbs from 6 months.  He's 19lbs4oz and 28.5 inches.  Since he gained 2.5 inches and looks like he's thriving in every other way (besides being sick anyway), she's not extremely worried.  It's probably because he's not only started crawling, but is also cruising.  But she wants me to go back so she can check on him again in 2 weeks (and get flu shots), so she'll weigh him again then to make sure he's not losing more.  And I'm supposed to feed him alot.  lol


HRHSpence said...

I so hate it when kids get sick!

April said...

OH my gosh I'm so sorry. I hate it when my kids are sick and then when they can't find anything its even scarier. Sometimes a positive test is almost better. That sounded like my Ruby last year, a fever of over 102 and wouldn't eat, was screaming, they did flu test, strep, urine, everything. Just a bad virus. Just love him up.

quilting queen said...

Doctors are really funny aren't they? He goes from really chubby to a little less chubby and they think he's not getting enough to eat. Of course he's getting more exercise. That's how they suggest everyone else loses weight but when a baby does it there's something wrong. I sure hope he feels better soon though. I hate it when babies are sick.