Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ornaments and the Science Museum

So, this will be 2 posts in one, but you can handle that right?  It means more pictures!

So I bought a little kit the other day.  It was 3 wooden ornaments with markers to color them instead of paints.  I thought it would be cute if the kids' ornaments this year were a little more personal, and loved the idea of Erin coloring her own.  So then Matt colored Patrick's and I colored the extra one.

Then today our friend Dave is having a birthday LAN party, so the Wives (Danica and Jessica) took the kids to the Museum of Science and Nature.  It was actually quite a lot of fun.  It was great to get to spend time with the girls for a while, and the kids actually behaved amazingly well. 

First we went to the space display where Patrick played with moon rocks

and Erin flew a space shuttle

And then we went to the Discovery Health display, where they had a little nature walk section

and then we went to the kids play area

 It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad we went.

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quilting queen said...

It looks like the kids had a lot of fun. The ornaments are cute. So are the kids. LOL!