Saturday, November 7, 2009


I spend quite a bit of my time laughing at Erin and the things that come out of her mouth. I definitely have to watch myself around her because everything she hears is regurgitated at some point.

She loves to identify things. Everything gets named. When she walks into the room, she'll let you know who is in the room: Iss MOM! Iss Dah-ee! Issa BAY-bee! She'll also let you know what she's playing with: Iss bunny! Issa bee-oh!

She can identify vehicles outside by their sounds, which is fun. She's always asking what different things are, when they aren't a car, a truck, or a bus. We passed a white van the other day (carpet cleaners) on our walk and she looked me and said "Whass dis? A car-bus?" I was impressed that she had the imagination to combine the two! "That's true, it is a car-bus!" I said, "It's called a van. Can you say van?" She answered "Wwwwwan!" She's still having trouble with her v's lol.

She's also getting good at numbers. At least one and two and occasionally three. Two to her right now is just "more than one" but is more often becoming just two of something. Oh our walk yesterday she was pushing her little stroller and I had Patrick in mine and we were walking next to each other and she said "Two Mom! Two trowwer!"

She can readily identify characters on movies, too, which I think is great. On Monsters Vs. Aliens, she calls Susan "Moosen" and is always asking "Moosen moomie Mom? Watch Moosen moomie? Moosen. Moomie. Watch." She has trouble with words that are more than 3 syllables so while she can say Derek and B.O.B.'s names fine, Insectosaurus is simply "Sowwus" and Galaxar is "Gee-yar."

She's also good at identifying emotions, sadness being the most obvious one. "Moosen sad" and "Gee-yar sad." When she's in trouble and starts crying (she's a drama queen and cries over everything), she'll also let me know. "I sad! Mom, I sad!" To which I have to respond, "That's because you did something you weren't supposed to sweetie. If you don't do things you aren't supposed to, then you won't be sad."

She used to get in my way when I as walking around all the time, so I used to step on her quite often, by accident. And whenever she got hurt, I'd always tell her I was sorry. So now she's gotten it in her head that "I'm sorry" means that she hurts. So when something happens she looks at you with those big eyes and says "I sowwwy! Hurt?" Usually I can get her to tell me what hurts too. The other day I cut my finger and had a bandaid on it and she said to me "I sowwy! Hand? Hurt?" When I told her, yes, I'd heart my finger, she said "Tisses!" and proceeded to kiss my finger.

I love that she's getting so good at communicating things. The other day I was taking too long getting dinner together and she got up to the table herself and told me "Hun-wee Mom! Hun-wee! Food peeze!"

And just yesterday she said something that has been making me randomly laugh since. She got a couple small tubs of play-doh at Matt's office party and I was letting her play with them. She pulled a bit out and asked "Canee?" "No, it's not candy," I responded. "You don't eat it."

So then she told me, "Iss not canee. Iss POOP!"


sweetpea#1 said...

LOL! Kids are the best!

Nyssa said...

I love her so much!!

Adi said...

awwww i loved reading that. wish marcus would talk

Aubri said...

Oh man, I laughed so hard reading this. She's all growed up. :-)

HRHSpence said...

ok, colored POOP!


quilting queen said...

The last thing she said made me laugh so hard I was crying. Kids say the funniest things. I have seven; you can imagine how much I was laughing when I wasn't being embarassed