Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am so in love...

...with the way Patrick wrinkles his nose and squints his eyes when he's really smiling at you.

...with the way Erin gets in moods to snuggle and she won't leave you alone until you give her kisses.

...with the way Patrick is saying "Mama" more and more like he really means me.

...with the way Erin sometimes calls Matt "Mom" but usually calls him "Dah-ee."

...with the way Patrick just has to hit something when he's excited.

...with the way that Erin just has to be motherly to Patrick.

...with the way Patrick sticks his tongue out all the time, but most especially when he's concentrating.

...with the way Erin seems to get smarter and smarter every day.

I am so in love with being a mom.

I am so in love with my children.


Nyssa said...

that is the cutest post ever!

HRHSpence said...

(Some pix would have enhanced this post.)

*Fiona* said...

This really is such a touching post. So sweet :)