Thursday, October 8, 2009

Denver Zoo free day

So, yesterday the Denver Zoo had a free day, so my friend Danica and I decided to take our kids for a play date, and I think that every other woman with a double stroller in the city decided the same thing.
Near the front of the zoo we found this statue of a lizard, and they loved it. Especially when they realized that there were peacocks in the grass right next to the rocks.
Patrick spent the entire day munching on grahams in his stroller.
Erin really loved the penguins. She's been talking about them since.

Then we discovered there was a train! Neither Danica nor I knew that it was there until we heard the whistle, and well....that meant that Jensen had to go see it. Which eventually lead to riding on it. So Danica took Jensen, Lily, and Erin, and I stayed with the strollers and Patrick on the side.
The big daddy gorilla.
Showing Erin...something. I can't remember. The rhinoceros?
Lily is playing with a crane of some kind with another girl.

And the really pretty leaves.


Adi said...

I Love erin!! Such an awesome animal to love :)

Rachel said...

Your kiddos are cuties! I love free activities!