Monday, October 5, 2009

The desire for independence

You thought this post would be about Erin, didn't you? While she is very cute, and very much asserting her independence right's not about her.

It's about my cute baby boy.

I've been having the hardest time getting Patrick to eat his babyfood lately. He just won't have it. And since he's a big boy, my milk supply just can't keep up with him, and he's been waking up several times a night again. So after several prayers pleading for help to know what to do, a genius idea popped into my head. ((Please realize I'm not calling myself a genius!))

I realized that it's not that Patrick dislikes the food, because he LOVES it. It's because he doesn't want to be fed. He would much rather feed himself.

So the past couple days I've been giving him soft food on highchair tray for him to just eat himself (he still has no teeth, so sometimes this is a challenge). This morning, it was fruit from a fruit cup for breakfast. It warranted a bath afterwards, he was so sticky, but he sure enjoyed himself!

And he had sweet potato cubes for lunch (yes, they're a little burned. I made the mistake of baking them. I will be boiling them from now on)

So, while I know that the desire for independence is good for his development and everything, I just wish he didn't have to do it so soon! *sigh*


Telima said...

He's certainly not starving, is he? He sure is cute! Good luck with everything!

Adi said...

they grow too fast :(

quilting queen said...

so cute!

quilting queen said...

Actually, that comment from me was really from dad. But he is right, Patrick has such a cute personality and I love that smile. Especially when he has food allover his face. LOL!!!!

sweetpea#1 said...

Zaid won't let me feed him baby food anymore either! I have to give him eggo waffles, graham crackers, fries, manderin(?) oranges, and anything else I can think up that is soft enough. He has his bottom two teeth and is breaking his top two any day now, but he isn't patient enough to wait for them before inhaling food on his own lol. I can't stand how big he is getting and yours is right there with him!