Friday, April 30, 2010

Passing it on (and a great deal!!)

So today I decided to take the long trip to the ceramics store.  I was broken hearted to discover that it's going out of business and closing on Sunday. *sob*  But the good part was all the bisque was 75%!  So I got 2 dragons and a dinosaur for Erin for $22.50 (would normally have been $90.00.  Yes it was a bit overpriced to start out with, but you can't argue with what I got them for!)

This guy
Is going to be painted like this guy
And these two?  No clue yet
And here's Erin's dinosaur
And her painting her dinosaur
And her talking about painting her dinosaur

At one point she told me "I like painting!  I like to paint my dinosaur."  That's when I decided I had to get a vid.

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quilting queen said...

Oh, Britt, That vid of Erin is sooooo cute!.I can't believe she's painting. She is so grown up and she was painting so well. Loved her apron. LOL She has talent already. I sure wish Patty's Ceramics were here in Vegas