Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter baskets and coloring eggs

Matt suggested to me Friday night that we do Easter baskets this morning so that tomorrow we could talk to Erin about Jesus and have it be a special day.  Anyway, the last few years we've done one big basket for everyone instead of individual ones.  (the movie is Erin's, with a coin purse that she LOVES, the bead toy is Patrick's there's a black box behind Patrick's with a pearl bracelet in it, and the shirt over the chair is Matt's)
Erin found it today before Matt got up.
And of course thought the best part was the Lindt chocolate bunny
And then we colored Easter eggs before dinner
Matt put Erin's name on one and we let her put stickers on it.
So I then put Patrick's name on one and let him play with it.  He tried to eat it, and I think it tasted like vinegar, because he made a terrible face (that I didn't manage to get a picture of!)
Then Matt drew Trogdor on one
We weren't very creative
I think when the kids are all older we'll actually paint our eggs.

(I posted another post before this one today, so don't forget to look at it too!)


Janice said...

So much fun. We colored eggs with Abby

mostlyprobably said...

Hey, you're doing WAY better than me. Being single, I don't really do anything to celebrate any holidays. I'm scrooge.