Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Long walks under the evils.

So, remember in this post how I was so excited about the buds on the trees?  Yes, well, that exact same tree now looks like this
My family calls those pollen pod things evils.  Why? Well, we have two big fruitless mulberry trees in our front yard who pollinate the same way.  My mom once said that they look like weevils.  Someone said "yeah, but evil ones," and it stuck.  These aren't as bad as the mulberries though. You couldn't see puffs of pollen falling off them.

But I'm still allergic.  And even though I've been taking zyrtec every day for the past nearly 3 months, I still felt horribly awful by the time I got home.

I actually didn't want to take a walk all the way down to Target at all today.  It was clouded over and windy and so it was fairly cold.
I was smart enough today, though, to bring blankets for the kids along.

So why go to the store?  I needed diapers.  I needed diapers because Erin's been telling me she's "stinky" every 5 minutes and INSISTS that I change her diaper.  But she screams and yells whenever I mention the potty.  She seemed to be doing so well for about a week, but then reverted to the screaming and yelling.  And to think, when she was born I was sure she'd have been potty trained by now.  Months ago.  But each kid is different, right? And I've never potty trained anything before so she gets to be my guinea pig.  Ugh.  It'll be so nice when she's done with diapers!

On the way back, Patrick decided it would be ever so fun to start yanking on Erin's hair.  He's been pretty fascinated with pulling hair lately, but it's usually mine.  But sitting behind her, I guess he just couldn't resist.  So we tried our hand at switching.  He enjoyed it, I think, being able to have an unimpeded view.
So I was trucking it home, feeling awful, when I just happened to look to the right and saw this
I love clouds.  They always look like you're looking through a perfectly clear window that someone has painted on.  It makes me smile because I can just imagine God with a paintbrush. =Þ


Janice said...

That's too bad that you couldn't get away from the evils. I hope you feel better. I've always liked clouds too. Living out in the country they were easy to see.

Anonymous said...

You're a good person to notice things in nature like that. In Relief Society the other day one girl made the comment that she could just imagine God sitting up there during the creation making things special designed for us. I like to think that's how it was. That when He made birds, He might have thought: "Oh man, Brittany is going to LOVE these!" Because I do. So much. Maybe it's the same with you and clouds!