Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Silly? Maybe a little

Meet Gana the Gorilla

Last year, Gana's 3 month old baby died suddenly in her arms. Pictures of her carrying the body circled the world. Those pictures broke my heart. It was hard to see such open grief, even if she is "just" a gorilla.

But the picture I posted was taken just recently. Gana has given birth again. I am SO happy for her. Nearly as happy as I am when I hear of other angel mothers who have had a baby again after losing their sweet little babies.

So it may be a little silly, but I like seeing proof that there can be a little happiness after such tragedy. Even for a gorilla.


Kari said...

That's not silly. I totally agree.

Adi said...

I went and found the story and it made me cry. Even if it's 'just a gorilla"