Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Great Diaper Experiment

So our brand of diapers was recently "new and improved" and since then the kids have been getting really bad rashes.  Erin in particular has been getting large boils.  Talking to my mother this morning about Erin, I realized (thanks to her really) that it's probably an allergic reaction to the diaper.  So I went out and bought a different brand this morning.

By this evening Erin was running around the apartment again instead of just laying on the couch or moving around in a pained hobble.  So I'm encouraged.

Please pray for my kids - Erin especially - that they'll heal from their sore bums soon!


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Brittanie said...

I would, Aubri, but since I'm working on potty training them both, it doesn't seem to make sense right now. I will probably be switching for the next one when we get around to having another though.