Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I bought a container of strawberries today.  I actually found one where all the berries actually looked good (none were fuzzy or squishy looking) and smelled good.  Last time I bought strawberries I didn't get to them soon enough and they'd spoiled by the time I pulled them out of the fridge, so I cut them up as an afternoon snack after Patrick woke up.

Erin loves strawberries and immediately dug right in.
But Patrick wasn't too sure.  First he had to smell it for a second, then licked it a couple times (on the uncut, and then gnawed a little.
But once he got a taste of the flavor the whole thing went in.
Then Erin wanted me to take a picture of Bunny.  And then had to let Bunny try a strawberry.
Soon they'd emptied my bowl so I had to cut up the rest of the carton.  Too bad Matt didn't get any, they were yummy.  But I only got a couple myself.

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