Friday, September 4, 2009

We're leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeving, in our Rav 4!

So, tomorrow morning bright and early, we're setting out to drive to Michigan. Last time I did this it was 2004, and Matt and I weren't even engaged yet. So we drove from Midland, MI to Provo, UT all in one go, with a 2 hour nap at a truck stop (and barely missing a tornado, but not the tornado's horrid hail).

This time it'll be a little slower paced because 1) we can actually share a hotel room this time, and 2) we've got a 2 year old and a 6 month old this go around. lol

So, we'll be back on the 14th. If you get another blog post before the 15th you should be very excited. lol.

And, I leave you with this: Patrick's new favorite noise

1 comment:

Audrei said...

He has such good babbling skills! I'm so proud! :o)

Have fun in Michigan and on your road trip! If you get terribly bored on the drive, you have my number! :o) I also highly recommend Harry Potter on CD for long road trips- #7 is my favorite!