Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another week in pictures.

On Monday we went to the nature museum with Matt's family while he was at work. Erin liked the pretty rocks

On Tuesday we went downtown to meet Matt for dinner. We went to a Moroccan restaurant called the House Marrakesh. It was really good, though a tad expensive. But the experience was great.

We lounged around on cushionsAnd before the meal they had us rinse our handsAnd Erin danced to the music (which was really cute)

Friday we went with Kim and Sean to Boulder, CO to the Pearl Street Mall. There were musicians, and Erin got to play with a cool rock fountain thing (Patrick hung out).And we had lunchAnd then in the evening we went swimming


Jared Hill said...

Who knew Colorado was so fun? We can't wait to see Patrick... hopefully at Christmas.

HRHSpence said...

sounds like you had a fun week. Perhaps too much fun? Are the kids schedules all out of whack now?

jenny said...

Well, I'll be darned if Patrick doesn't look a tad bit like a chubby Emma! Them's the Cannady genes going to work here. This is coming from the person who weighed 24 lbs by the time I was 4 months...wait, how much does Patrick weigh?? Wish we could have seen you guys too, but it was probably quite the overload for the amount of guests you already had. We'll have to visit some other time!

Kari said...

You guys always do such fun things. I'm so jealous! Oh, and I have the same umbrella stroller as you.